Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Winning Is Not Everything Essay - 275 Words

Winning Is Not Everything (Essay Sample) Content: Winning Is Not Everything; It Is the Only ThingName:InstitutionWell known sports personalities have found solace in this well known quote, largely associated with UCLA Bruins footballcoach Henry Russell Sanders. The feeling that one gets after achieving their intended goals is alluring. However, not every day is a silver lining day. It is for this reason that I truly consent that it is not the most salient thing. Challenges faced especially by patriotic sports men and women make them realize the truth behind this infamous statement in black and white. This paper is just a tip of the iceberg in trying to show that he who does not accept defeat is not a true sports person, (Simmons, 2007, p.56). Every time a player hits the field, no matter the sport, they have their eyes set on the hefty prize, which is winning. However, anything can happen in the field, and they may end up in losing. In the spirit of true sportsmanship behavior, they are supposed to learn from their m istakes and make amends. For instance, De Mba had been dismissed admission into the English premier league due to health issues only for him to go on and become one of the most feared strikers, ( Denning,2007, p.90). In the late 1950s, when the phrase was first coined, the UCLA Bruins football team would have easily been dismissed. As a result of their coachs incessant spirit of reminding them, they went on to be touted as one of the best team of their time. It is said that the greatest mistake would be to repeat a mistake. In sports, it would be invaluable t give up due to failing the first time to emerge the best. An epitome of resilience is the Kenyan long distance running team. Most of the successful athletes have a story of how they have always failed but never gave up and went on to win medals such as Kipchoge Keino, (Simmons, 2007, p.56). It goes without saying that winning is not the most noteworthy thing. Since every dog has its own day, once one fails, it would be imperati ve to give up. If one falls, it is their obligation to gather up their meager courage, collect themselves together and forge ahe...

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