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Analysis Of The Article Sounds Of L.a - 1884 Words

This quarter, the Arts and Entertainment section of U.C.L.A.’s student newspaper The Daily Bruin is running a music column titled â€Å"Sounds of L.A.† This column explores how various Los Angeles neighborhoods influence musicians that are based in the city. Including the rock ’n’ roll landmark of Laurel Canyon, the modern indie beacon of Echo Park, and the rough-and-tumble underground punk scene of East L.A., Los Angeles has birthed hundreds of artists across all genres. I am the writer of The Daily Bruin’s â€Å"Sounds of L.A.† column, and the more time I spend interviewing and researching these musicians, the more I wonder if the causal arrow actually points in a different direction. While the history and atmosphere of Los Angeles’s various neighborhoods could influence the artists that call the city home, it is more likely that these musicians are affecting the areas they inhabit, creating communities that reflect their collective mindsets. It is the artists who shape these neighborhoods and turn each section of Los Angeles into areas with individual personalities, using their music to communicate en mass the image and culture that they are promoting. Laurel Canyon is known for its historic rock ’n’ roll past, a narrative that began in the 1960s when artists like Frank Zappa, Jim Morrison and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young first moved into the Hollywood Hills. Today, musicians travel from across the globe to be inspired by the nature and spirit that shaped these rock icons.Show MoreRelatedWhat are Optical Illusions? Essay1082 Words   |  5 Pagesbrain comes up with is on two different perceptions of the image and then ends up creating an image opposing reality and does not match actuality. This is all based on two different perceptions that are made by our eyes and brain. Perception is the analysis taken by the sense of a person. â€Å"Optical illusions occur because our brain is trying to in terpret what we see and make sense of the world around us.†(2)(â€Å"Optical illusions†, n.d., n.p). Illusions are misled human brains into seeing things that areRead MoreAmerican Apparel: Vertically Integrated in Downtown L.A.2170 Words   |  9 PagesAmerican Apparel: Vertically Integrated in Downtown L.A. 1. The textile/clothing sector is vertically de†integrated: design, textile manufacture, clothing manufacture, distribution are undertaken by specialist firms. Why? In this case, clothing firms like American Apparel have vertically integrated, in order to get time to market, increase resources availability, and cost efficiency. However, many textile/clothing sector is vertically de†integrated which means that their design, textile manufactureRead MoreA Brief Note On Journalism And Its Effects On Journalism1827 Words   |  8 PagesRaveena Singh CS 4001 4-25-2016 Automating Journalism Journalism should be as automated as possible and the production of tools to help journalists supplement their articles should be encouraged. For data-intensive fields, more algorithms with the ability to report news without human intervention should be generated. Although there is a fear that these new technologies will have harmful effects on journalism, collaboration between the technology and journalism industries will benefit the future ofRead MoreShould Music Be Free Or Not?2228 Words   |  9 Pagesitself to be a valid issue on whether it ultimately hurts or helps artists and their careers. Streaming has both pros and cons, but in order to aim to figure a possible solution there needs to an examination of the history of the issue, a proper analysis of both sides, and evaluating its importance. Before there were ever iTunes and Spotify, there was something called sheet music. Around 1473, the first printing press came about, allowing for not only words but for music to be printed. This musicRead MoreInternational Cultural Assets in UK Museums: Return of the Elgin Marbles from Greece1957 Words   |  8 Pagespossession of the Marbles and so he did. Lord Elgin took the Marbles to Britain and they were acquired by the Museum in which they are presently housed. There are so many cultural artifacts of the world housed in museums abroad that there appears to be no sound reason why the British should return the Marbles to Greece. Bibliography Fishman, JP (nd) Locating the International Interest in Intranational Cultural Property Disputes. The Yale Journal of international Law. Vol 35;347. Retrieved from: http://wwwRead MoreTerm2139 Words   |  9 PagesStrategies That Work Amar V. Bhide English PDF | 94202-PDF-ENG Apple s Core Noam Wasserman English PDF | 809063-PDF-ENG Iggy s Bread of the World Alexis Gendron; Kathleen L. McGinn English PDF | 801282-PDF-ENG Note on Business Model Analysis for the Entrepreneur Richard G. Hamermesh; Paul W. Marshall; Taz Pirmohamed English PDF | 802048-PDF-ENG ZOOTS: The Cleaner Cleaner Myra M. Hart; Sharon I. Peyus English Hard Copy Black and White | 801114-HCB-ENG How to Write a Great BusinessRead MoreCorporate And Alien Users : Coca Cola And Pepsico3344 Words   |  14 Pagesaccept been aggressive for abounding years by bearing altered articles such as their acclaimed bendable drinks, approved bubbler water, and flavored waters. There are abounding players in the bazaar these two rivals abatement in, but their capital battling is anniversary other. The operations of anniversary of these two companies are aloft accustomed aggressive boundaries. Both bazaar to the absolute apple and acknowledge to new articles by their adversary with angry chase up strategies of their ownRead MoreExternal costs of intercity truck freight transportation9819 Words   |  40 PagesEstimated external costs include: accidents (fatalities, injuries, and property damage); emissions (air pollution and greenhouse gases); noise; and unrecovered costs associated with the provision, operation, and maintenance of public facilities. The analysis reveals that external costs are equal to 13.2% of private costs and user fees would need to be increased about threefold to internalize these external costs. # 1999 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved. Keywords: Pricing; External costs;Read MoreEssay on intellectual property copyrights2813 Words   |  12 Pagesto copyright that encompass rights similar or identical to those of copyright, although sometimes more limited and of shorter duration.[2] The beneficiaries of related rights are: performers in their performances; producers of phonograms in their sound recordings; and broadcasting organizations in their radio and television programs. Works covered by copyright include, but are not limited to: novels, poems, plays, reference works, newspapers, advertisements, computer programs, databases, films, musicalRead MoreJb-Hifi Analysis Report6189 Words   |  25 PagesIntroduction 4 2. Strategic Analysis 4 2.1 External Environment Analysis 4 2.1.1 PESTEL Analysis 4 2.1.2 Porter’s 5 forces model 6 2.1.3 Turbulence Model 6 2.1.4 Opportunities and Threats 7 2.2 Internal Analysis 7 2.2.1 Strengths and Weaknesses 8 2.2.2 Core competencies 8 2.2.3 Competitive advantages 8 3. Strategic Directions and Strategic Objectives 9 3.1 – Vision Statement 9 3.2 – Mission Statement 9 3.3 – Strategic Objectives 9 3.3.1 Stakeholder Analysis: 10 4. Key Broad Business

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